returns from Recognition Roundtable event recently attended its annual educational seminar in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Was it hot, yes extremely.
  • Was it fun, yes extremely.
  • Was it educational, yes extremely.

Two key areas of discussion were Succession planing and Social Media education. While neither of these sound like it will directly help the end-user of, it will by ensuring that our customers are well-informed about our product offerings and also by making sure that whomever the next person leading operations, they will be ready to continue the customer service that we pride ourselves in.  No I am not planning on selling anytime soon, I have another 15-20 years of leading our company left in me, but if something were to happen to me, I want to make sure that my customers are taken care of and will continue to receive their products in a timely matter.  This became very apparent how important this is during April – May 2010 when I had a skiing accident and was out of day-to-day operations for more than my planned time away.  Even though I was not able to work, thanks to my staff, business continued without me and our returning customers were still able to get the products they needed.

What is the Recognition Roundtable that is privileged to be a member of?  It is a select group of industry leading trophy dealers throughout the United States.  Through our collective areas of expertise and experience, we are able to provide outstanding customer service and quality awards to our customer base.  In addition, we share our ideas to ensure that our customers are treated professionally and that we uphold a high standard of business ethics.

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